Diploma in English (DIP in Eng)

Objective of the program : Improve English language skills to use for higher studies and day to day work life. Engage student to speak English language without fear or shyness. Train the student for professional working conditions
Duration of the program : 3 months
Delivery of the program : We use latest teaching methods and technique which enable student centric approach. Class room base and various outdoor activities that will enhance the practical usage of language
Entry requirement : Minimum GCE (O/L) (One simple pass mark)
Learning hours : 120 hours
Course Fee : Rs 17,500 (Payment options are available)
Lecture panel : In house lecturers and visiting lecturers
Syllabus Content: Grammar : Fundamentals of Grammar / Use of Tenses in writing & speaking/ Use of parts of speech
  Speaking Activities : Activities based on role-plays, debates, dramas etc. /
  Reading Activities : Improving reading skills (skimming, Scanning, reading for detail, reading for gist) / Enhance the comprehension knowledge
  Listening Activities : Practicing listening skills (listening for detail, listening for specific information etc)
  Writing: Sentence structures/ expanding sentences / Paragraph writing/ letter writing
  Practical use of the language: How to use English in day today life / use of language functions in real life situations
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