Diploma in Information Technology ( Dip in IT)

Objective of the program : Provide highly effective Information Technology knowledge to students. Cover the essential IT knowledge for professional working condition in BPO and other industries. Enhance the IT savvy among all participants and guide them for further knowledge gathering.
Duration of the program : 06 moths
Delivery of the program : Computer lab + Class room + Assignments
Entry requirement : Minimum GCE (O/L) (One simple pass mark)
Learning hours : Minimum 120 hours
Course Fee : 22, 500 (Payment options are available)
Lecture panel : In-house lecturers and visiting lecturers
Syllabus Content: Fundamentals of Information Technology: Introduction to IT / History of IT and its developments/
  Computer Hardware: Introduction of various parts of the computer/ Laptops/ Desktops/ Various devices (Tab / Smart phone). How to identify various internal and external parts/ Install and trouble shootings/ Essentials of Maintenance. Management of storage devices
  Microsoft office
    Microsoft Word
    Microsoft XL
    Microsoft Power point
    Internet and emails
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